About Us

The team behind We Do Vinyl made their first serious digging expedition to the U.S. in the early 80’s and the obsession firmly took hold. Long before the internet and smart phones we used maps and telephone directories to find locations. Coast to coast, Buffalo to Albuquerque, over the years we have seen most places and have enough stories for a book, more on that in our monthly blog. We were there at the birth of the Rare Groove and funk scene in the U.K. and saw first hand the wealth of “undiscovered” music released from the 60’s to the 80’s . We are passionate about vinyl and digging is in our DNA, we are collectors before dealers ..WE LOVE MUSIC, WE LOVE VINYL

To be honest I am not sure how my love affair with vinyl started. One minute I was looking through some beaten up records in a charity shop in Hastings and in what seemed like the blink of an eye , in fact, 15 years, I was in a massive warehouse in Buffalo buying records by the box full

I was hooked at 20 obsessed by 21.

In the beginning my choice of music was narrow, but very quickly the search for more obscure records took hold and once I teamed up with some like minded souls it became unstoppable .

We have a small team of obsessive vinyl heads who keep things running smoothly , we love it as much as you do and have been buying and selling vinyl for more than 30 years

This team buys , sells , digs in crates , cleans and packs records to try our best to ensure we provide the best possible service and quality records to our customers .


All orders over €50 MUST be sent with tracking.